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listing the basics
What's the message?

The required outcome drives the campaign - not the other way around. It's important to repeat and reinforce the message.


This approach will also assist in evolving a campaign strategy.

Some projects benefit from a regular re-statement of aims as part of the overall package.  

Keep up momentum

Campaigning can be largely about stamina. Be prepared for a marathon rather than a sprint and plan your resources accordingly.


Visible activity over an extended period demonstrates that there is long-term commitment towards a project.  

Keep engaged.

Focus on intergrity

Avoid allowing or encouraging any misrepresentation in favour of the campaign. Maintain a factual approach at all times.


Decision-makers will react negatively if they assess that a campaign has been willfully misleading.

Control the agenda

This is your campaign and you should steer the direction. You will dilute the message and dissipate energy if opponents set the agenda.

Put your expertise into highlighting the level of support that has been identified.

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