Are you properly engaged?

When it comes to buzzwords, the latest catchy term is ‘engagement’. It’s not actually new; in fact it’s an oldie (like me) enjoying a bit of a renaissance – not that any of that matters. We probably need something that’s been around a while to help us get a grip on some of the enormous changes and challenges headed in our direction. I’m pleased to see the emergence of new & improved engagement outfit ‘4TheRegion’ (formerly Swansea Bay Futures) who are already making a mark. As their name suggests, they have an important regional remit. Their recent ‘Future Generations’ exposition at the Liberty was a big hit with over 250 attendees. Much of my own engagement work goes on behind the scenes. S

It's the way you tell 'em

I once had a consultancy gig many years ago with an Whitehall appointed agency. The work involved helping English local authorities who had been deemed to be 'under-performing'. In those days, the inspection process that awarded such a negative status took on the guise of a pre-arranged burglary - after which the intruders left behind notes suggesting the best kind of lock to install. The ‘penalty’ for getting a bad assessment was a wad of cash. However, councils were then obliged to pass on to consultants (like us) to help improve whatever was failing. On this particular occasion, the task was to ‘facilitate better communications’ between politicians and senior staff within a (nameless) nor

Still behaving badly over Brexit

Try as I might, I just don’t see how Mrs May is going to be able to deliver on Brexit. Let’s be clear, my view is that the vote to leave the EU was about as pragmatic as shooting yourself in the foot in order to get the right to limp. So for me it’s adding insult to injury that I’m now supposed to hope for the best while the government remains embroiled in dealings that would be called “ham-fisted” if that description weren’t so flattering. We’re only a matter of months away from B-Day and the cabinet is still split over strategy. You have to ask how you ‘take back control’ in the face of squabbles over what control actually looks like. Today sees a series of lengthy Commons votes ostensibly

Bumpy road ahead for green cars

I’ve just changed my car. I’m no petrol head but having worked in the industry for a few decades, I more or less know where the deals are to be had. Having opted a while back to shrink my carbon footprint by working more from home - broadband permitting - I decided to look at the choices of AFVs (alternative fuel vehicles). I discovered some really informative price comparison sites. They’re put together by people who know their stuff and have no brand loyalties. Their only motivation is to get you away from carbon fuels. You get some angst about charging points and whatnot but to my mind the single most prohibitive factor is price. The difference is several thousand pounds and whilst there’

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