Banking on new business

If you’re running a business in Wales and looking to expand then there’s two factors likely to influence how that happens. The first is getting hold of the necessary finance and the other is finding the right people. The need to tackle that first hurdle was highlighted in a seminar organised last week by Seren Media and event sponsors Bevan & Buckland. A lunchtime audience at the Vale Resort heard Giles Thorley, CEO of the newly created Development Bank of Wales, outline his vision and approach; both of which make for a refreshing change. The new guy clearly wants the DBW to be a lot more than a rebranding of the government funding agency, Finance Wales, which it replaces. He also envisages

City of Culture: a bid too far?

The saying goes that a camel is a horse designed by a committee – and in that respect, the collective decision behind the City of Culture result was always going to give someone the hump. But let’s be clear on one point; nobody got snubbed. The judges knew pretty much what they were looking for from the outset and it was up to contestants to position themselves accordingly. I found out few weeks ago that a research outfit I sometimes use is based in the outskirts of Coventry. They mentioned that the west Midlands city went into the contest with a cross-sector methodology that sounded very similar like the one used by Swansea to secure the City Deal. In other words, they pushed an home-grown

Don't worry, you're supposed to find Trump offensive

It was one of those impromptu coffee break discussions. Someone had brought in birthday cake and the subject turned to Donald Trump’s latest outrage. The connection escapes me for the moment. Anyway, looking back, I probably got a bit loud (and the expletive didn't help either) as I explained that it's OK to get incensed at the guy. In fact it's is an essential part of the deal. Trump has traded for years on being in-your-face and uncompromisingly direct. It won him the presidency and it’s still working for him in the Oval Office. For as much as clever sections of US media describe his term of office as a ‘temporary lapse of American leadership’ or portray him as one step away from an attent

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